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Registration as Sponsoring Member including the member magazine ATA

Yes, I am interested in the conservation project of the ÖVVÖ and want to become a sponsoring member.

  • The membership does not involve an obligation to participate actively in the program on my behalf.
  • I will receive 10 issues of the magazine aqua·terra·austria (ATA) and the ÖVVÖ Newsletter per year for an annual contribution of € 40,- up (incl. postage national and international). There are no issues published in July and August. The magazine and the newsletter are published in german language
  • I will be entitled to profit from all activities and special rates.
  • I have read and taken note of the guidelines of the conservation project.
  • I will receive all issues of the current year.
  • My membership begins with the month following my payment.
  • If I do not unsubscribe by the 31st of October of the year, the subscription will be automatically renewed for another year.

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