Who we are

The Austrian Association for Vivaristics and Ecology ( ÖVVÖ) was founded on the 26th of July 1953 in Vienna.
As the umbrella organization it represents the interests of the Austrian aquarium and terrarium associations and the pertaining regional associations in Austria and abroad.

The protection of nature and animals is of the utmost importance for us. It is the basis for all our activities. Amongst others we are committed to the following topics:

  • The appropriate care for aquarium and terrarium animals bearing in mind nature
  • The breeding and keeping of aquarium and terrarium animals in charge of human care
  • The representation on political, legislative as well as sociopolitical platforms
  • The communication of ethic values
  • The environmental protection
  • The preservation of aquaristics as culturally valuable hobby
  • The adult education and youth promotion

To this purpose our experts are contributing actively and successfully by means of different publications, events and measures.

  • Supporting conservation breeding programs
  • Issuing breeding certificates
  • Awarding a acquaristics award
  • Organizing acquaristics weekends
  • Publishing special publications
  • Publishing the association magazine Aqua Terra Austria (ATA) 10 times a year
  • Publishing books ourselves
  • Organizing once a year a congress for all Austrian members and interested parties from abroad to promote further education and cooperation

The association is a non-profit organization in accordance with the Austrian Law ( § 35 Bundesabgabenordnung). The members of the association work on a voluntary and non-profit basis.

The non-profit task of the association is to promote interested persons, to give them professional and organizational advice and to work in the field of adult education/ lifelong learning.

The Austrian Association for Vivaristics and Ecology is a member of the Austrian Umbrella Association of knowledgeable Pet Owners with Animal, Nature and Species Protection (ÖDAST), member of the European Aquaristic and Terraristic Association (EATA) and sponsoring member of the Umbrella Association of Pet Owners (DV-TH).