Our targets

  • The ÖVVÖ stands up for the appropriate care for aquarium and terrarium animals bearing in mind nature and species conservation.
  • The ÖVVÖ promotes the breeding of aquarium and terrarium animals in charge of human care to minimize extraction from nature.
  • The ÖVVÖ refuses to modify aquarium and terrarium animals physically, chemically or by breeding resp. genetically if such manipulations impede the life appropriate for the species and cause pain, suffering and damages.
  • The ÖVVÖ supports responsible environmental protection especially an appropriate protection of species and habitats.
  • The ÖVVÖ has no professional interests what ever and emphasizes that the well-being and health of aquarium and terrarium animals is more important than economic interests.
  • The ÖVVÖ represents the interests of the organized aquaristic and terraristic  on political, legislative as well as sociopolitical platforms.
  • The ÖVVÖ organizes further education and gives information about the adequate handling of aquarium and terrarium animals.
  • The ÖVVÖ promotes national and international knowledge exchange and supports the scientific research in the fields of animals and plants.
  • The ÖVVÖ respects and dignity of every living creature and conveys ethical values.