Annual report on the Allotoca-Mesa Central project

25.02.2024 - 19:52

Allotoca-Mesa Central, annual report 2023

The development of membership figures in 2023

At the beginning of 2023, 38 participants from 12 countries were represented. There was no...


10. Meeting of the Goodeid (GWG) and Xiphophorus (XWG) working groups in Maribor

01.07.2023 - 10:24

The 10th European meeting of the Goodeid Working Group (GWG) took place from 02.06. to 04.06.2023 in Maribor (Slovenia). The Xiphophorus Working Group (XWG) also joined the conference as usual...


XNP project annual report – year 5

24.05.2023 - 14:16

After five years of the project's existence, we can look back on our experience a little more and evaluate how successful this format is. In short: it works! We cannot prevent the loss of some...

Conservation Projects


25.03.2023 - 07:31

Recently, there has been an increase in phishing e-mails with extortionate intent to addresses of the ÖVVÖ. Unfortunately, some of these were also forwarded through our automatic distribution...

Allotoca meeki

Annual report on the Allotoca-Mesa Central project

15.01.2023 - 23:31

Allotoca-Mesa Central, Annual Report 2022

The development of membership in 2022

The year 2022 resulted in some changes in the Allotoca - Mesa...


First coordinators Meeting LANP and BAP

30.10.2022 - 18:07

On 02.10.2022, the coordinators of the 2 subprojects LANP and BAP met to discuss/coordinate the census for 2022 at the Haus des Meeres in Vienna.

CCCP-Jahresbericht 2021

09.09.2022 - 21:46

Chromidotilapiine Cichlid Conservation Project


Limbochromis robertsi:

The stock development was constant and...
ÖVVÖ conservation project

XNP project annual report – year 4

11.05.2022 - 07:43

The Xiphophorus – Northern Platyfish project has completed its fourth year. In the second half of this period, we were able to recover from the Covid-19 restrictions and almost get back to the...

Male of Allotoca diazi

Allotoca-Mesa Central, Annual Report 2021

09.03.2022 - 17:04

  Section A: The development of membership since January 2020

  At the beginning of 2020, the Allotoca-Mesa Central project had fourteen...

husbandry manual

Update of Northern platyfish husbandry manual

27.02.2022 - 21:02

The husbandry manual produced by our project has been updated. New additions: more details about the disease control and optimal temperature + few more husbandry examples with photos from our...