Motivation for the conservation projects of the ÖVVÖ

The reasons why somebody starts with aquaristics or terraristics are diverse. One person is mainly interested in keeping and breeding animals, another in natural landscaping and in  thepractical knowledge of of ecosystems.
Another one focuses on genetics and on achieving a special breeding goal. For some people it may be the simple wish to bring a small piece of nature to their homes, which finally leads to keeping fish, reptiles or even insects. In all these cases,the keepers accept responsibility for their animals, respect their needs and feel sympathy for their fate. Aquaristics and terraristics are animal husbandry at its most beautiful , and vivaristics leaves absolutely nobody untouched.

When dealing more intensively with the needs of ones animals, without being able to avoid it, one frequently will findreports or facts that cause worries. Ecological disasters like the one along the river Doce in Brazil in 2015, when millions of fish died, the massive clearings of Madagascan forests, with their disastrous effects on a unique fauna and flora. Furthermore the terrifying large area of irretrievably destroyed jungle in Indonesia and Malaysia to gain land for the production of soy and palm oil are showing one thing drastically: Our planet is vulnerable  and many plants and animals are threatened by extinction. Animal husbandry is becoming more and more important and vivaristics is not a simple hobby any longer. For many species it has become one of their last options to survive and a chance to exist, that is taken away in a world driven by economic calculation, financial interests or simply by sheer thoughtlessness. Vivaristics is life, hope, confidence and responsibility. A responsibility that exceeds the one for the single specimen. It is the responsibility we have for the whole creation.
Right from the beginning we from the ÖVVÖ have taken this responsibility seriously. So far we pointed out the importance of breeding endangered species, but that seems not to be enough anymore. Too many species are threatened and too many habitats disappear. In the end there will not remain enough space and habitats. We do not accept to be forced  to stand aside anymore when species vanish quietly from this planet. The ÖVVÖ  is fighting actively against it! We have started to create the basis for international networking and began conservation projects within our association. We have taken up to offer a platform to dedicated owners of terrariums and aquariums, who don't accept the extinction of animals without opposition. In our community studbooks are initiated, like-minded persons united and new perspectives are opened .  Here people are joining hands and are collaborating across borders owners of terrariums and aquariums feeling the responsibility for the survival of amphibians, reptiles and fish are going to build a solid basis for tomorrow.

It is solidarity that makes us strong, cooperation, that moves mountains and the will that sets things in motion. There are several possibilities to become part of this endeavour. Maybe someone wants to join an existing conservationary breeding projector to start their own one. A third person may want to support conservation projects by covering expenses and then again a fourth one has got connections or skills, that are needed somewhere else. Many ways lead to one single goal - to save our animal roommates on this planet for posterity’s sake.
ÖVVÖ - conservation projects are breeding grounds of hope for endangered animal species. Support them! Out of responsibility for nature. Out of love for our children. Out of a declared belief in life.

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