Another partner for the conservation projects

Another step in the conservation projects has been taken. With the Leipzig Zoo, we were able to win another partner, who will draw attention to our project in their premises. With the kind support of Ulrich Graßl, curator at Leipzig Zoo, the conservation  project of the ÖVVÖ "Mata Atlantica" has taken another step in terms of cooperation with public institutions. Conservation is species protection! As already reported, the Mata Atantica is highly endangered. And with it many animal and plant species. The small genus Scleromystax, with two threatened species, is a tiny part of it. Support in this project can be a lot, informing the public is an important pillar in any project. The Aquarium Leipzig has provided the conservation project with a tank where this project is pointed out. On 19.06.17, 12 seven Scleromystax barbartus (Bearded Corydoras) and 15 Scleromystax prionotos were brought to Leipzig by project leader Erik Schiller.

Many thanks to Roman Lechner for procuring the animals (S. barbatus) and the offspring from the S. prionotos project. Another thank you goes to Marco Hasselmann from the Berlin Zoo, through him we became aware of the Leipzig Zoo and Mr. Graßl.

Zoo Leipzig