IUCN classifies northern platyfish as extinct in the wild

IUCN has recently published the last update of its Red List. Two species of northern platyfish have been listed as Extinct in the Wild: Xiphophorus couchianus and Xiphophorus meyeri. The third one, Xiphophorus gordoni, remains listed as Endangered.

This change is no surprise at all – X. couchianus disappeared from its habitat probably more than 50 years ago and X. meyeri was not found on its single known locality for many years.

The Xiphophorus – Northern Platyfish project still has the same goal: to connect and support aquarists who dedicate their tanks, skills and time to species conservation. We can make the difference and we are actually doing it.

Extinct in the Wild is not the end of the scale. That would be Extinct, the only one wearing a black colour. The difference between these two is swimming in our aquariums. As long as we keep our fishes, they will stay out of the black field.

Extinct in the Wild