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Thank you, Fulda Catfish Conservation Day!

Now for the third time, the Fulda Catfish Conservation Day took place on 26.05.2018. This time, however, it was organised by the newly founded and highly committed Fulda chapter of the BSSW. The venue was the Gasthof Jägerhaus in Fulda / Bronzell, a very suitable place to hold such a meeting. Some of the participants and speakers had short distances between their accommodation and the conference room. The adjacent beer garden was also an excellent place to hold discussions and exchange experiences during the breaks in the wonderful weather.

The list of speakers was also well renowned.

The proceeds of this auction as well as of the whole event amounting to 444,-€ were donated by the Regional Group Fulda to the ÖVVÖ project "Mata Atlantica" in order to support an already existing species conservation project, here for the genus Scleromystax. We would like to express our gratitude for this and hope that they will continue to be such committed aquarists who dedicate themselves to the topic of species conservation with a lot of heart and soul, because doing nothing is not a solution either.

The complete article will be available in the ATA.


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