Transfer of fish from Würzburg University to Ostrava ZOO

At the beginning of September 2018 we have visited Prof. Manfred Schartl at Würzburg University and received new stocks of Xiphophorus meyeri (both strains), Xiphophorus couchianus and Xiphophorus gordoni. The fish were in great condition and carefully packed. We have placed them in separate tanks in Ostrava ZOO, which now constitutes a new breeding unit for our project.

Later in September, Libor Balnar from Ostrava ZOO has presented the conservation project „Xiphophorus – Northern Platyfish“ and the alarming situation of these fish at a meeting of fishkeepers and curators from Czech ZOOs.

Fish packed at Würzburg University and ready to go
Four tanks in Ostrava ZOO now occupied by northern platyfish
Xiphophorus meyeri "Spotted" in its new home