XNP project presented in different European countries

In recent months, articles about northern platyfish and our conservation project have been published in dedicated livebearer magazines: Poecilia Nieuws (Nov. 2018 - Netherlands), Poecilia Bladet (Nov. 2018 - Scandinavia), Livebearer News (Dec. 2018 - UK). We hope to reach as many aquarists as possible and publications in other languages will follow.

It seems that northern platyfish have disappeared from many countries where they used to be kept. If somebody still keeps them, he would sometimes value them as an interesting source of income through auctions. Unfortunately, this does not support the long term survival of species, as „livebearer business“ is build on people who constantly look for new species.

That's why we believe in the necessity and the power of our network of breeders dedicated to help species survival at the first place.

XNP project in different magazines