CCCP-Jahresbericht 2021


Chromidotilapiine Cichlid Conservation Project


Limbochromis robertsi:

The stock development was constant and satisfactory over the years 2020 and 2021. A total of 12 individuals from 5 countries in Europe and Schönbrunn Zoo are currently involved, most of them since the beginning of the project. The total stock is more than 50 adults with a good split between pairs and just over 200 juveniles. So there is no big problem, although more keepers would be desirable, the potential to distribute the species is there. This would also be important in that - as noted during a research visit in December 2021 - the situation in the field has deteriorated significantly. The species could be detected securely only in one stream. In a second water body, traces of e-DNA of the species have been found, but there is no evidence of living animals. Also according to IUCN criteria Limbochromis robertsi is certainly to be classified as "critically endangered".

Nanochromis minor:

In 2021, the stock in Europe briefly collapsed to only a few males. Fortunately, however, the last breeder of the species in the USA could be persuaded to cooperate more closely with the project and a good number of fish came back to Europe as a result. The stock in Europe now numbers 10 males and a secure 8 females, as well as 27 juveniles that could be reared in Austria, and almost 100 animals in the USA. The broader breeding in Europe is not yet secured, since it succeeded here so far only with one person, but since due to the stock now a distribution on several persons seems possible (altogether now 7 persons as well as the Zoo Schönbrunn co-operate with the project) a small optimism is possible. However, it is far from being possible to speak of a consolidation of the stock in Europe. Also in the USA it is certainly not possible to speak of a security, because the species is kept and bred continuously by only one person.

Project manager Anton Lamboj